Webshop i had in order to sell my posters.

I did everything there, marketing, designs, packing orders and customer service…

I used SoMe and AdWords as a huge part of my marketing, I had contact with different influencers, as you can see here: http://jakobfuglsangblog.dk/2018/01/stjernetegnsplakater-fra-marsk-shoppen/ (He’ mentions Maia in the post, which is my wife.) 🙂

We had a great success with mail marketing as well, where our provider where Mailchimp.

I no longer own the webshop or my poster designs, but you can still read an articel about me in the Danish paper JV: https://www.jv.dk/toender/Simon-indretter-paa-soenderjysk/artikel/2469808

Or watch this video with cute kids, learning from my posters: https://www.facebook.com/P4Syd/videos/1165853720141043/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE

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